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27 Throgmorton Street, City of London

In the heart of the City, 27 Throgmorton Street is a workplace within a historic Grade 2 listed building. I highlighted the building’s distinct features by using them to craft a unique brand identity. For instance, I created a symbol inspired by the original metal lift cage’s intricate design, previously concealed for decades. This symbol became a recurring theme across the website and marketing materials. Drawing inspiration from upscale boutique hotels, I employed rich colours like teal and warm gold to convey a luxurious boutique ambience. Two typefaces were selected - a classic serif and a modern sans-serif - to mirror the blend of historical significance and contemporary design. 


Marketing visuals focused on the building’s interior finishes and finer points. Similar to a boutique hotel, these vignettes and office glimpses evoked intrigue and mystery. Crisp floor plans, technical details, and shots highlighting natural light were seamlessly complemented by the distinctive brand elements.

The new branding resonated well with clients and agents, proving pivotal in marketing, securing viewings, and sparking interest.



Verbal Identity

Visual Identity


Social Media

Marketing Material

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