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Birchwood Building, Leatherhead Surrey

Tasked with repositioning this significant commercial property located in Leatherhead Office Park as a modern landmark building and promoting the benefits of the newly available flexible office space, my solution was both simple and impactful.

To create the brand identity, I drew inspiration from the vertical feature balustrade adorning the new open staircase. This architectural element served as the basis for a logo mark. I seamlessly integrated the balustrade's visual essence into the branding and marketing; it also extended its presence into the interior space. The contemporary colour palette was inspired by the property’s new name and the green open courtyard garden. For the logo, a clean lightweight typeface was selected, which sat perfectly with the logo mark.

To entice and educate potential tenants about the numerous benefits of this courtyard building, I developed a responsive and interactive website, brochure, and marketing materials. Overall, my branding solution successfully positions this property as a modern landmark building and highlights the benefits of its flexible office space.



Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Visual Identity


Social Media

Marketing Material

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