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Silver&Co - 2nd Rebrand

Silver&Co are a design consultancy covering the worlds of interiors, architecture and branding.

Having re-branded the company 5 years prior, the second time around required a more intensive repositioning and re-branding process. Working closely with the company for a substantial amount of time, really allowed me to understand the business and identify all the issues at hand and how to best tackle them.


I started with the strategy, updated the logo, put together a new set of brand colours, selected a new typeface, updated the existing website/copy and created a new brand Identity. This allowed the business to really express what they do but were not communicating it well enough. I also created a design system that is easy to use for the team which allows the brand to be consistent across all platforms of communications. This has proven to be a success for the team at Silver&Co.



Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Visual Identity


Social Media


Marketing Material



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