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South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall

Silver&Co aimed to showcase their remarkable expertise in interior design, exemplified by their transformative work at 68-70 South Lambeth Road. Their goal was to provide prospective clients with a tangible glimpse of the possibilities they could bring to their projects. From my initial site visit, it was clear that this location warranted a distinctive and exceptional approach—one that could redefine the norms prevailing in the property industry.

My vision was to craft a video that transcended the ordinary, akin to a captivating piece of art adorning a gallery space. This task was particularly intriguing as the space in question was a commercial office, yet I aspired to infuse it with a sense of refined elegance. This was achieved through a meticulously curated arrangement of shots and harmonious music, resulting in a visual masterpiece that elevates the very essence of the space.



Visual Identity


Art Direction

Video Editing




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