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Hi, 👋 I’m Alam, a Creative Director based in London. I design visual identities for places & brands. My clients range from real estate, service-based, charity, and consumer brands.

Throughout my years of experience, I have learnt that great design truly makes a difference to every business. I have a genuine passion for uncovering layers of information on what makes your project unique and bringing those elements to the forefront and creating a compelling brand narrative. Additionally, I have an inherent love for colours and eagerly embrace any opportunity to incorporate them into my work.

Collaborating within a team and pushing the boundaries of what's possible is what truly ignites my creative spirit. I consider myself an optimist, always striving to uplift and inspire those around me, bringing out their best.



Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Visual Identity

Motion Design

Website Design

Signage Design

Creative Direction

Digital Marketing

Content Creation

Social Media Design

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