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Ink Studios I

Ink Studios is a workplace located in the urban and upcoming area of Hackney Wick. I created a brand that represented the local culture and vibe. The logo and most of the marketing collateral were kept in black and white to reflect the word ‘Ink’ taking inspiration from the local graffiti culture I created a stencil logo which plays a big part in the branding rollout. The pattern which I created by repeating the logo from barely being able to see it, to totally visible, was again related to ‘Ink’ almost like topping up your ink pen when it's running out.


A year later I was asked by the clients to refresh the branding in order to help them sell the remaining space. The client wanted a complete opposite look and feel to make it seem like a new property in the market. See here how I managed to achieve this.



Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Visual Identity


Social Media

Marketing Material


Private Developer


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