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Ink Studios I, Hackney Wick

Ink Studios is a vibrant workplace situated in Hackney Wick, a thriving urban area. Inspired by the local graffiti scene, I designed a brand identity that reflects the area’s culture and vibe. The logo and marketing materials were predominantly black and white, drawing from the word ‘Ink.’ I created a stencil logo that became a vital component of the branding rollout. Additionally, I devised a pattern by repeating the logo, with the design becoming more visible with each repetition, as a nod to the namesake, Ink - evoking the idea of refilling an ink pen when it runs dry.

After a year, the clients approached me again to refresh the branding, with the aim to sell the one remaining space. They requested a complete transformation of the branding to give it a fresh look and feel. Despite this challenge, I successfully created a new and exciting brand identity for the property. Check out how I accomplished this here.



Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Visual Identity


Social Media

Marketing Material


Private Developer


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