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Silver&Co - 1st Rebrand

Silver&Co are a design consultancy covering the worlds of interiors, architecture and branding, at the time I was appointed the messaging for what the company did and stood for was unclear, the presentation of the company was inconsistent and they had no brand Identity. My job was to give the company an identity and simplify things going forward.


I started by slightly updating the existing logo and introduced the 3 main areas the company covered by putting it in the bar-line of the logo this allowed the clients to know what the company did straight away. I also designed a new brand identity a website and created/updated all their social media accounts. This allowed the company to be consistent at all points of communication. Through all this, I was able to create a narrative of the converging worlds of interiors, architecture and branding and how these 3 elements came together to create the final product for the client.

See here how I re-branded the company 5 years later...



Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Visual Identity


Social Media


Marketing Material



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